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Welsh: Happy St. David's Day! (March 1)
Irish: Happy St. Patrick's Day! (March 17)

Celtic Jewelry: Irish, Scottish, Welsh

ap621071.jpg (6894 bytes)Celtic crosses. The ancient Celtic cross is a time-honored sign of Christian faith.

Celtic jewelry of all kinds for the Irish, Scots and Welsh: crosses, harps, shamrocks and claddagh, thistles, dragons, penannular brooches and cloak pins, barrettes, bracelets, pewter neck torcs in ancient designs.

oc318231.jpg (16188 bytes)Men's Celtic Buckles

See also our selection of kiltpins.

Lapel pins: Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Harp, other musical instruments.




Welsh Traditional  and Souvenir Items

Welsh pages of gifts, crafts, souvenirs; lovespoons, music recordings, hand puppets, dolls... Also flags, dragon mousepads, toys, ties, much more...   Dragon pocket watch.

The lovespoon is an old Welsh custom that lives on as wedding favors and jewelry.

Welsh miner's lamps.

Sale! Welsh books: language courses,  mythology, history, cookbooks, Welsh genealogy, songbooks, etc, some used books. We have marked down all of our Welsh books and are selling them off.





Scottish various:  Traditional Scottish quaich, Scottish Lion and St. Andrews flags, more!

Scottish Jewelry etc: thistle and bagpipe jewelry, traditional luckenbooth pin, Heather Gems, grouse claw pins, large shoulder brooches, Scottish buttons for vests, etc.

See also our selection of kiltpins.




Irish Musical Instruments

Tony Dixon soprano (penny) whistles (hi D, hi E)
Waltons penny whistles (hi D)


Tony Dixon alto whistles (Hi C, alto Bb, alto A, alto G)

Tony Dixon Low (tenor) whistles (low D)


Tony Dixon Irish flutes, Roosebeck wooden flute, Tony Dixon alto flutes and piccolos (hi, alto and low keys)




Bodhran pages: bodhrans (Irish drums), beaters, cases

no411391.jpg (11691 bytes)

Irish bones

Irish spoons



The bodhran shown at far left is the Clonmachnois design by Waltons.



Playing manuals for Irish instruments, tunebooks, DVD instruction.


Uilleann (Irish) pipes and accessories


At left we show a complete set of uilleann pipes.












Scottish Items

au501021.jpg (35086 bytes)Sgians dubh, selection of styles including horn handles and Damascus blade, made in Scotland.  See our sgian dubh with a bottle opener blade.

no510051.jpg (24080 bytes)Sale! Scottish buckles, kilt style.

fe207041.jpg (27386 bytes)

Early-style sporran.








 Practice pipes (shown at left)

jl331221.jpg (8364 bytes)

Practice chanters



Instruction manuals, piping books

Reeds, carrying cases, bagpipe accessories

Our main bagpipes page: click here for the list of our bagpipe-related links.


Scottish Tune Books





Welsh train pins, British doubledecker bus pins, classic/antique car pins.






We have a romantic gift called a Welsh Love Spoon.

Also, we have Welsh lovespoon jewelry.



oc90409s.gif (16516 bytes)Sale! Celtic belt buckles, dress and kilt styles. We show one of these at left.


may10121.jpg (12917 bytes)Sale! Dragonhead bracelets sized for men and women (shown at left). See all our other Celtic bracelets, on sale.






For sale: we have the harp shown at left with a beautiful angel design burned onto the soundboard. For more information, click on this link: Braunwen model harp.


Harps: This link leads to our main harps page, from  which there are links to our other pages of harp items.

Sale! Welsh harp music and books; Irish and Scottish harp music; Sacred, Christmas, Classical Harp music . We have a page of harp music by the Welsh harpist, John Thomas.

Harp jewelry and Harp novelties

Kinnor ( patterned after a Biblical instrument).          

Sale! Early psaltery bows, hammered dulcimer tutor book.






Music Stands

de622011.jpg (17152 bytes)

Sheesham (formerly called rosewood) and red cedar music stands. Very nice, affordable price, solid. Several styles including double stands.

ap429031.jpg (18547 bytes)

Accessory for musicians: nylon carrying case with musical motif, made in Scotland, sized for your music etc.


Silk Mozart manuscript ties and cummerbunds, great gifts for musicians!          







CD sale! Click here for  harp, bagpipe, Welsh and other Celtic music.

Scottish Hymns and Airs on the Bagpipes played by Peter Purvis, bagpiper from the group, Gaelic Storm.





Other Celtic Items

Celtic various: For all the Celts. Mini harps, cross and Celtic knot wall plaques, letter openers, and other things. See the beautiful Celtic cross plaque at left.

oc308011.jpg (11185 bytes)Irish gifts and crafts. Attractive posters, mini harps, mini bodhran, Irish flags, brass doorknockers and other brass items, hand puppets, more.

ap529071.jpg (7705 bytes)Celtic and musical rubber stamps for your craft projects.






Celtic Design Books


Sale! Celtic design books of stencils, iron-on Celtic designs, coloring books, etc.  These are really useful for your art projects.








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