Roosebeck Brand Bodhrans
by Mid-East

The bodhrans listed below are solid, well-built instruments with a good thick skin, and come with a beater and a small booklet included in the price; a tuning wrench is also included with tunable bodhrans. 

Diameter versus rim depth: The smaller the bodhran's diameter, the higher its pitch; conversely, the larger the diameter, the lower the pitch. (The tuning of any bodhran takes place within a fairly small pitch variation range.) The depth of the rim determines the instrument's boom; the deeper the rim, the greater the boom. (Boom and pitch are not the same thing.)

The Mid-East bodhrans used to be all made of the more expensive rosewood, but in more recent times they have also produced their bodhrans in other, less expensive woods with a stained or painted finish. We mention this to explain some of the pricing differences.

Carrying cases are available separately. Click here for bodhran carrying cases.

The skins on these bodhrans may be mottled, as they are real animal skin.


Tacked (fixed head) 14" Bodhran

MB10. This small 14" bodhran in natural mulberry is especially good for children who want to play bodhran just like the grownups, but who have outgrown the toy bodhran size (8"). Rim depth: standard 3 1/2". This is a solid drum with a good goatskin head. The mulberry wood is not as heavy as rosewood; weight of this bodhran is about 2 1/4 lb. With beater. $56 Free shipping in the lower 48 states.









Note: our tacked (fixed head) 16" and 18" bodhrans are on this page: Bodhrans by Waltons


Tunable Bodhrans

Tunable bodhrans have a mechanical means of tightening or loosening the tension of the skin of the drum; this allows the pitch to be raised or lowered without having to wet or dry the skin. Our inside-tunable bodhrans have an ingenious mechanism hidden inside so that you have to look very closely to see that the bodhran is tunable; these bodhrans are tuned with a small wrench.


Tunable 16" Bodhrans

In Ireland, the most popular bodhran size is 15-16" diameter. It is a nice compromise between the larger 18" bodhran that is so popular in the U.S., and the smaller 14" one.

no620081.jpg (15661 bytes)no620091.jpg (9120 bytes)MB30. (Shown at left). Natural rosewood, with T-bar, arm cutout and  leather strip around the edge under the tacks. 16" diameter, rim depth about 3 1/2". Includes beater and tuning wrench. $81.







Inside-Tunable 18" Bodhrans

These bodhrans have a nice, deep sound because of their larger size.


MB21. Natural rosewood rim 3 1/2" deep, 18" diameter, goatskin head, inside tunable, with beater and tuning wrench. Nonremovable crossbars, as shown below (you can see the shadow of the crossbars in the photo at left - this is not a mark in the goatskin). Our price is $87. Free shipping in the lower 48 states.











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