Irish Bodhrans by Waltons of Ireland

These bodhrans have a single bar on the back, and a leather strip around the outside at the edge, under the tacks. The skin (also called the head) is goatskin. A knob beater (also called a tipper) comes with each. The wood rim is 3 5/8" deep on the 18" bodhrans.

The skins on these bodhrans may be mottled, as they are real animal skin.

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One Left: Sale! 18" Bodhran. Was $55, now $39.

WB3A. Waltons tacked plain 18" goatskin bodhran. Single bar on the back, standard 3 1/2" rim depth. Knob beater (tipper) included. Here in the U.S., this is the standard bodhran size, seen most often. Medium reddish brown color (shown at left).  We have  of these left.



At left we show the bodhran tipper (beater) that comes with our Waltons bodhran.




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