The Harp and Dragon
Cortland NY 13045



The Harp and Dragon business is for sale.

We invite inquiries about buying up our inventory.
We will remain in business for the foreseeable future until we announce otherwise.



Inquiries About Buying Our Inventory

Our inventory is categorized as follows:

    Irish musical instruments

    Scottish musical instruments


    Music playing manuals, DVDs, etc.

    Celtic jewelry: Irish, Scottish, Welsh and general Celtic designs for all the Celts. Lapel pins.

    Welsh souvenirs: teatowels, lovespoons, stuffed dragons, Welsh costume items, dolls, etc etc.

    Miscellaneous Celtic items: Dover Celtic design books, cross plaques,

    Scottish sgians dubh (knives), buckles, kiltpins etc

This does not cover quite all the kinds of things we have, but gives an idea.


If querying us, please have a fairly specific idea of what you are interested in buying, and what kind of quantity you want (if we have it). Serious inquiries only, please.

The price we quote will depend on how much you are buying, whether cash or credit card, etc.