Mini Lovespoon Wedding Favors

In the old days in Wales, a young man would carve a fancy wooden spoon to give to the girl that he wanted to court. (The expression "to spoon" comes from this custom.) It was important to prove to the potential father-in-law that the young man was good at working with wood, because he would have to make all his family's furniture, dishes and eating utensils.

The giving of a small lovespoon to each of your guests as a wedding favor to thank them for coming, and to serve as a memory of the romantic custom of the lovespoon, has appeared in recent times, both in Wales and in North America.

Our mini lovespoons are made of wood by David Court in South Wales.

For larger lovespoons that can also be used as wedding favors, see the small spoons at the bottom of our main lovespoon page.


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At the moment we have only numbers 1, 6 and 7 in stock, counting from left to right (our apologies).

Size: about 3 5/8" to 4" long, depending on the design.
Price: $2.50 each or $2 each for 25 or more.

A note: how many of these mini lovespoons we have at any given time can vary considerably. If you want to be sure to get them in time for your wedding, please order them a couple of months ahead. Otherwise, if time is short, we'll do our best for you - we can contact the maker and see whether your deadline can be met. **


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