The Roosebeck Line of Rosewood Celtic Harps

(The Roosebeck Brand is manufactured in Pakistan by the American firm, Mid-East, now Ensoul. )

These budget harps work well for getting started at a price you can afford.

There are several sizes. Please note that the smaller the harp, the fewer strings there are. When you play, the most significant factor is how low the bass strings go, as this will limit the music range of the pieces you play.

We offer these harps at a good price. They are drop shipped from our supplier.


Meghan Model Harp

This is the largest harp of the Roosebeck range.


The model with Celtic interweave knotwork design carved on the two sides of the soundbox, is shown at left. It is available with a vine design, and also plain.
This budget-priced harp, made of rosewood, is nice looking, and will serve its owner well. String spacing is standard, and tension is fairly good. Considering the price, the sound is surprisingly good; this harp has American DuPont nylon strings.

36 strings, 5 octaves
Playing range: lowest note is two octaves below middle C, and highest note is three octaves above middle C

Levers on all strings (except for top five strings)
51" high
26 lb.

For availability and price quote,

The carrying case for this harp has been discontinued by its maker.






Minstrel Model Harp

Ask for information on availability and quote on price.
Carrying case is available.






Case is made of black material that is tough and water resistant.













Heather Model Harp

Ask for information on availability and price quote.
Carrying case for Heather is available.











Case is made of black material that is tough and water resistant.



Heather Harp Case for Sale

We have one of these here for sale. Regular price $60. We will sell it off at $40 plus postage.







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