Welsh Lovespoons

In the old days in Wales, a young man would carve a fancy spoon to give to the girl that he wanted to court. (The expression "to spoon" comes from this custom.) It was important to prove to the potential father-in-law that the young man was good at working with wood, because he would have to make all his family's furniture, dishes and eating utensils. The symbols carved into the spoon's handle all had meanings; most of our lovespoons come with a tag that explains these. Hearts are for love, of course. Bells are for the hoped-for wedding. A horseshoe is for luck (in Wales, a bride and groom are always given a horseshoe on their wedding day). A wheel promised, "I will work for you." Balls in a cage could mean either the number of children hoped for, or (if married) the number of years together. And so forth; there is a long list of possible symbols.

Today lovespoons are often given as wedding and anniversary gifts; however, they are also given for birthdays, baby gifts, friendship, Christmas, etc. Valentine's day is a natural They are considered to be folk craft items first, and, under the right circumstances, romantic items as well. The spoons on this page are all made in Wales.

There is a tag with all lovespoons on this page unless otherwise noted, giving some information on the custom of the lovespoon.

Our mini lovespoons for wedding favors are shown on a separate page.

We apologize!
Our stock of the Richard Downes Lovespoons is low at the moment.
We are reordering, but these handcarved items take time to restock.


Lovespoons by Richard Downes of Swansea

The spoons shown below are hand carved in Wales by Richard Downes. The LV20 to LV25 are engraved with his signature "R" on the back of the bowl, and include a tag with information on the tradition of the Welsh lovespoon. The exact color of the wood can vary, as can the amount and design of the grain. Each of these is unique.


LV20 (at left). This lovely spoon is topped by a Welsh dragon, standing on a heart, a daffodil (the Welsh flower) and a harp (the Welsh national instrument). 15" long overall. With tag. $89.





Grapevine lovespoon. The traditional meaning of the vine design is "love grows." This spoon is a very nice artistic design.

LV26A. Large size, just under 10" long. $52 (Fits into box LV80A for $2.50.)

LV26B. Small size, about 8 1/4" long. $30 (Fits into box LV80B for $1.50.)








Small Lovespoons in Two sizes

ap528081.jpg (4605 bytes) LV63. About 5 1/2"  long, dark wood, shown at left. Folded color-printed tag (see below) is included with each spoon. Made in Wales. $6 each, or $5.50 each for 10 or more.

CourtDC26S.JPG (4505 bytes)

CourtDC27S.JPG (4251 bytes)CourtDC4S.JPG (4098 bytes)About 7" long, dark wood in the designs shown at left. Folded color-printed tag (see below) with information on the lovespoon is included with each spoon. Made in Wales. $9 each, $8 each for 10 or more.

From left to right: LV70, LV71 and LV72. We have one left of the LV70. The LV72 has a small hole above the heart that does not show in the picture.

ap528111.jpg (21067 bytes)This folded tag is the one given with the small lovespoons above. It's about 2" square. Inside is a statement of the meaning of the lovespoon, and a place to write to/from names. On the back is a list of some common meanings for lovespoon symbols. The tag can be bought separately @ 75 cents each. We have only a few of these tags left.





au22202.jpg (17935 bytes)

Lovespoon Gift Boxes

Both sizes of box have the same design and information; on one side is the legend of the lovespoon, and on the other side is a listing of 20 symbols and their significance.
LV80A. Large lovespoon box: 12" x 5" x 1 1/2". $2.50 each
LV80B. Small lovespoon box: 9" x 3" x 1 1/2". $1.50 each


Bilingual Welsh Lovespoons Booklet

LV81. This very attractive little book is all about  the long history of the Welsh lovespoon, meanings of the symbols, how the spoons are carved, the largest lovespoon in the world (you won't believe this), and more. There are nearly 50 colored photos. This entire book is bilingual, with all text in both English and Welsh. This makes a great accompaniment to go with your gift of a lovespoon! 9 1/2" x 6 3/4", 20 pages. Only $6. Price is $5 with any lovespoon LV20 to LV40.






Our mini lovespoons for wedding favors are shown on a separate page.

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Items currently out of stock:

LV24. Two-daffodil lovespoon for your pleasure. The daffodil is the flower of Wales, and the artist has realized these in a graceful work of art.  Just over 8" long. With tag. $35 (Fits into box LV80B for $1.50.)

LV25A. Two hearts and a ribbon of twists and curls make this a nice lovespoon for any occasion. 9 3/4" long overall. With tag. $42 (Fits into box LV80A for $2.50.)

LV25B. Same spoon, but smaller. About 7 3/4" long. With tag. $30
(Fits into box LV80B for $1.50.)


LV21A (at left). This spoon has wedding bells above two hearts, with Celtic interlace. You can carve the names of the bride and groom on the hearts, and the wedding date. (We regret that we do not do this.)  About 10 3/4" overall. With tag. $49 (Fits into box LV80A for $2.50.)

LV21B. Same spoon as LV21A, but smaller. About 8 3/4" overall. With tag. $30 (Fits into box LV80B for $1.50.)


LV22A. Dragon, hearts and Celtic interlace. 11" long overall. With tag. $59 (Fits into box LV80A for $2.50.)

LV22B. Same spoon, but smaller. About 8 1/4" long. With tag. $42.
(Fits into box LV80B for $1.50.)


LV23A. The harp and dragon lovespoon. (You can see why we like this one!) The national musical instrument of Wales, plus the Welsh dragon, a powerful duo. 9 1/4" long overall, and over 4" wide. With tag. $69 (Fits into box LV80A for $2.50.)

LV23B. The harp and dragon lovespoon, small size. About 7 1/4" long. With tag. $49
(Fits into box LV80B for $1.50.) Out of stock.