for practice chanters and bagpipes

Sealer, bag covers, beeswax, hemp, valves, etc

Small Items for Bagpipes

Mid-East bag sealer $10
Beeswax $2
Yellow cotton unwaxed hemp spool $2
Rubber stoppers $1 each. Please state size of pipes.


Bagpipe and chanter mouthpieces

Bagpipe mouthpiece: $10
Practice chanter mouthpiece: $5


Chanter and drone cleaning brushes

Practice chanter cleaning brush: this brush has stiff nylon bristles for cleaning out the inside bore and also the finger holes. Overall length: 12 inches. $7


Bagpipe chanter brush: cleans out the inside bore and the finger holes of bagpipe chanter. Made of absorbent cotton, will not scratch. Overall length: 16 1/2 inches. $7



Bagpipe drone brush: made of absorbent cotton to remove moisture from the drones after playing. Will not scratch the inside bore of drones. Overall length: 16 1/2 inches. $7




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Chanter Reed Protector

no201031.jpg (7004 bytes)Reed protector. This unusual-looking object is not a piece of chemical engineering apparatus! Many pipers like to pull their chanter off when they put their pipes away, so that the reed dries out. To protect the reed, you put this protector over the reed end of the chanter and tighten the knob. There is a hole at the far end of the cylinder that you can't see in the picture, that permits air to get to the reed. Made of machined high-density plastic by Kilberry. $16 We have one of these left.