Bagpipe and Practice Chanter Cases

Irish flutes and low whistles will fit styles CC2, CC3 and CC4. 

Budget Practice Chanter Case

ap615131.jpg (8008 bytes)CC4. Budget practice chanter case is made of black nylon fabric, lightly padded, with Velcro closure on flap. This case is long enough for a standard chanter; a long chanter has to be taken apart to go in. It's wide enough for two standard chanters side by side, or the two parts of a long chanter. Inside measurements: 22" x 4". $12




Quilted Fabric Bagpipe Case

ap429011.jpg (14508 bytes)PC3. Budget bagpipe carrying case. Tough quilted black nylon, nylon zipper with metal zipper pulls, carrying handles. 24 1/2" long, 6" wide, 6" high. The zipper goes all along the length on top. A fullsize set of highland pipes goes easily into this case. $25







Hard Case for Standard Bagpipes

Our supplier has discontinued this item. We have one left.


PC4. Hard case for standard bagpipes. Black exterior with pebble-grain appearance, black plush lining with interior padded sides. Polished chrome-colored closures with key lock.  Inside measurements 23" x 7" x  5". $84


Interior view of PC4.








Sale! Music Carrying Case

ap429031.jpg (18547 bytes) This tough nylon case with a music motif is just the thing for carrying your music books around.  If you wrap the two pieces of your practice chanter in a cloth, you can put that into this bag as well. Size: 15" x 11." Heavy-duty nylon fabric, sewn tape edges, Velcro closure, handles. There is a small clear plastic pocket on the back outside that will take your business card, or card with your name and address. Made in Scotland.
CC5A. Green. Was $14, now $10
CC5B. Black. Was $14, now $10







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