Irish Bodhran Beaters (Tippers)

These drumsticks are widely called tippers in the US, but in Ireland they call them beaters (in English).
In Irish Gaelic a beater is called a cipn (pronounced kip'-een).

Note: beaters/tippers sold as rosewood can have enough coloring variation that we think some might actually be made of cocus wood.
Sizes of photos are not all in proportion; please check stated measurements.


New! BT10. Rattan beater is made of several strands of rattan wrapped with black tape. This beater can be played as shown, or the narrow tape band can be slid off to allow the rattan strands at that end to separate slightly for an almost brushed or snare sound. Length 9 1/2", diameter 5/8". $8


BT1. Slim beater, light weight, with straight sides and center groove for better grip.  A good beater for beginners. 9 1/2" long, 9/16" thick. $6



BT2A. Standard two-knob beater. Good for beginners. 9" long, 7/16" thick. $7
BT2B. Medium length. 8" long. Some of these are the same thickness as the BT2A, and some are a bit thinner. Please state your preference, if you have one! $7
BT2C. Short length, thinner than the BT2A. 7 1/4" long. $7

BT3. Three-knob beater. This is a popular beater because it gives the greatest volume of sound of all our beaters, and is solid and weighted in your hand. Our talented young bodhran-playing friend in Texas thinks this is the greatest beater that was ever made, and he used to practically strong-arm our customers at the Arlington Scottish show to buy it! Coloring can vary. 9 1/2 " long. $8

BT4. Beater with raised circle and round knobs. Light weight. About 9" long. $7




BT5. Rosewood beater with double raised circles in center. 9" long. $7




BT6. Rosewood beater with single raised circle, tapered ends. 9" long. $7




BT7. Rosewood beater with smooth hold and tapered ends. 8 1/4" long. $7




BT8. Teardrop at each end, and a sloped ridge 2 1/2" from each end, smooth shaft. 9 1/2" overall. $7.




BT9. This beater with a dip in the center of the shaft has a nice feel, we think. Light-colored wood. Imported from Ireland. 8" long. Was $12, on sale at $10.





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