Sale! Pewter and Sterling Celtic Bracelets

These bracelets have beautiful Celtic designs.

40% off regular price of all pieces

Bracelets are called bangles in Britain and Ireland.

Please check the size of each piece carefully against a ruler before ordering. We give measurements of all jewelry pieces on this site so that you will know their size in advance; this will save disappointment, returning pieces, etc.



Sale! Celtic interlace knots pewter bracelet by Spiral of Britain

no201011.jpg (9504 bytes)BR2. This thick pewter bracelet with the bold interlace knots at the front is sure to draw envious looks from your Celtic friends!  It's fairly large, but can be bent to make it larger or smaller to suit your wrist or forearm. Height of the front Celtic knots from tip to tip is 2"; width of the main part of the circle is 3/8". Was $41. Sale price $30.





Sale! Wide cuff Celtic interlace pewter bracelet by Spiral of Britain

no201021.jpg (12896 bytes)BR3. Wide interlace pewter bracelet is a great piece to wear to announce its presence! It's fairly large, but can be bent  to change size. 1 1/8" wide. Was $44. Sale price $25. Note: Although this bracelet bends to fit, it does not accommodate constant flexing without damage. Once you make it your size (so that it slides sideways onto your wrist), it should be left that size.





Sale! Celtic interlace pewter flame design bracelet with leather thong by St Justin of Cornwall

BR4. Flame design interlace Celtic pewter bracelet. This is a hinged bracelet, designed like the twin-beast one above (BR1) to close with a donut on a leather thong. Comes in three sizes: large, medium and small. Please state size when ordering.
Large: about 3" in diameter with terminals touching. Was $39. Sale price $29.
Medium: about 2 1/2" across measured with terminals touching  Was $39. Sale price $29.
Small: about 2 1/4" across measured with terminals touching, making bracelet oval shaped. Was $39. Sale price $29.


Sale! Celtic knots pewter bracelet

no201041.jpg (11781 bytes)BR5. Celtic knots bracelet will drape around your wrist. Each Celtic knot is 3/4" across; bracelet is 8" long overall. Made of polished pewter. Was $18. Sale price $12.



Sale! Celtic knots sterling bracelet

no313051.jpg (23641 bytes)BR6. Solid sterling Celtic knots bracelet is composed of thick knots, each 7/16" across. Medium size. Was $50. Sale price $30.







Sale! Sterling Celtic interlace design bracelet

no117041.jpg (8974 bytes)BR10. Solid sterling Celtic interlace bracelet unhooks for easy slipping on and off. Fits most wrists. Was $38. Sale price $25. We have one of these left.



Sale! Four-dragon pewter bracelet by St Justin of Cornwall

oc120031.jpg (9493 bytes)BR11. Four-dragon pewter bracelet. The dragons intertwine around the circle of the bracelet. The inside measurement is just over 8 inches around; the band is 9/16" wide. This bracelet is not hinged, and must slip over your hand. Was $31. Sale price $20. We have just one of these left.




Sale! Sterling Claddagh Bracelet

fe313091.jpg (14432 bytes)BR14. Solid sterling bracelet is composed of eight claddagh pieces, each with Celtic knots on each side of it. The size is 7 3/8" around. Was $30. Sale price $20.






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