The Even Song Harp

by Stoney End

The Even Song was designed by request for music therapy. This 26-string harp offers three-and-a-half octaves from C to G. It can be worn over the shoulder with a wide strap, resting across the lap with knee bones, or attached to a stand for seated play. In spite of its small size, this harp has a soothing rich voice and impressive volume.



At left we show the cherry Even Song model harp sitting on its matching stand. It has a full set of Truitt levers and a harp strap, and comes with knee bones, green padded carrying case with side pocket for music, and matching green stand tote. Price also includes extra string set, tuning key, lever adjustment tools and string chart. Inclusive price for all items: $1799.00

Specifications for these Even Song model harps:
    Number of strings: 26
    Range: C (one octave below middle C) up to G, 3 1/2 octaves.

Height 43", Width 10", Depth 21".  
11 pounds










Sound Sample of Even Song

A Second Sound Sample of Even Song




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