Tony Dixon Soprano Whistles (Key of high D)

Also called high whistles, penny whistles, or tin whistles

Note: the high C whistles are now called alto whistles by Tony Dixon and most are on our alto whistles page.
However, we have high C bodies below on this page for the D & C polymer combos.
We also show the high C solid brass whistle below.

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Tony Dixon Nickel Traditional D Whistle

TDSW2. Soprano D "trad" whistle by Tony Dixon. Nickel body and black polymer head. Tunable. (This whistle is not to be confused with the more expensive aluminum whistle TDSW9 below.) 11 1/2" long. Weight: 1.0 oz. $25
Replacement whistle head $9


Our customers sometimes ask us about the difference between brass and nickel instruments, since the nickel always costs more. The answer is that the nickel is a harder metal than brass and wears better, and doesn't show fingerprints as easily.


One-Piece Tony Dixon Soprano D Polymer Whistle


TDSW5. One-piece polymer penny whistle, key of D. Nontunable. 11 1/2" long. Weight: 0.8 oz. $18



Two-piece (Tunable) Tony Dixon Soprano D Polymer Whistle

TDSW6. Two-piece D whistle. 11 1/2" long. Weight: 0.9 oz. $27



Tony Dixon Tunable Soprano D Whistle/Piccolo Polymer Duo

TDSW7. Tony Dixon High D Whistle/Piccolo Duo. You get three pieces: a high D body, a whistle head and a piccolo head (a piccolo is a small flute). This means that you get two instruments out of the three pieces. Embouchure plate on piccolo head.  Whistle is 11 1/2" long, piccolo slightly longer. 3-piece set $43.


Tony Dixon Individual Pieces for D & C Polymer Combos

Tony Dixon separate pieces for the TDSW6 and TDSW7 above. Normally you can add pieces to what you already have. However, over the years, Dixon has made some minor design changes, and it is possible that current pieces may not fit or be in tune with old ones.
TDSW. High C body. 9 1/2" long (C body only). $23
TDSW. Whistle head only. $9


Tony Dixon Polymer Tunable Soprano D Whistle with Brass Slide

TDSW8. Tunable polymer penny whistle with brass slide, key of D. Weight: 1.0 oz. $42



Aluminum Tony Dixon Soprano D Whistle and Whistle/Piccolo Duo



TDSW9. Key of D. Tony Dixon tunable aluminum soprano whistle, black polymer head, and nickel slide. This is a really nice whistle! Whistle players consider aluminum to produce a somewhat brighter sound than plastic.Weight: 1.8 oz. $62

TDSW9A. High D aluminum whistle/piccolo duo. This three-piece set has an aluminum body with nickel slide, and black polymer piccolo and whistle heads. $75

Replacement whistle head for the above aluminum instruments: $9

Replacement piccolo head for the above aluminum instruments: $14


Tony Dixon Solid Brass High Whistle in C



TDSW10. Solid brass tunable high C whistle with nickel slide. This whistle is considerably heavier than the ones with plastic or aluminum bodies. Overall length 13". Weight: 5.7 oz. $92.



Eye of the Storm

If you wish to hear the Tony  Dixon solid brass D whistle played, click here. The musician is our Emmy-winning son, David Hab, who composed this Celtic-style piece that he calls "Eye of the Storm." (Please note that this is a large file, a couple of MB in size, and you need a broadband connection to the internet for this.) You will need to wait a few seconds until the music downloads and starts.

Sheet music for "Eye of the Storm":  Melody, with guitar chords. $4


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