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Waltons Nickel D Whistle With Red Mouthpiece

PW1. Waltons nickel whistle in D with red mouthpiece. In stock. Fingering chart supplied on request. $12 each.


Our customers sometimes ask us about the difference between brass and nickel instruments, since the nickel always costs more. The answer is that the nickel is a harder metal than brass and wears better, and doesn't show fingerprints as easily. This is why we prefer to keep this whistle in stock.


The Waltons Brass D Whistle with Green Mouthpiece.

oc425081.jpg (5325 bytes)This brass D whistle is available; we will order it in quantities if you wish. Contact us on availability and pricing on quantity.



The Waltons Little Black D Whistle

oc425101.jpg (5020 bytes)

PW3. The Waltons Little Black Whistle, key of D. This inexpensive whistle is popular with teachers for music classes. We do not carry this whistle in stock, but can order a quantity for you. Weight: 0.5 oz. Contact us for a price for the quantity you want.



Guinness Penny Whistle Pack

jl204111.jpg (18255 bytes)PW7. Waltons of Ireland three-piece set that includes:

1. Aluminum Guinness black D whistle,
2. Waltons Irish Whistle Book, and
3. Accompanying CD. The CD plays all the pieces in the book "as they should be played" with background guitar.
Because all the tunes in the book are diagrammed (i.e., have finger charts for every note), it is not necessary to know how to read music to learn to play.

With its attractive box, this makes a very nice gift for someone who wishes to play the penny whistle. $26


Waltons Penny Whistle Pack

no320031.jpg (38356 bytes)PW8. Three-piece set that is packaged in an attractive box like the Guinness one above, except that this box is green with a music note motif. Contents: Waltons brass D whistle with green plastic mouthpiece, same Waltons Irish Whistle Book, and same accompanying CD. A nice gift for a beginner. $23


Absolute Beginners DVD Penny Whistle Pack

PW9. Three-piece set containing: Waltons brass D whistle with green mouthpiece, whistle instruction book, and instruction DVD. This whistle method was developed by Harry Long, a renowned player in traditional Irish music circles. Twelve easy-to-follow lessons show you how to play! $32








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