Welsh Towels

and Other Fabric Items

Teatowels, tea cosy,  beach towel, totes, etc.

Welsh Teatowels
These are cotton, unless otherwise noted. Size: about 29 1/2" long by 18 3/4" wide.


au23007.jpg (33540 bytes)au23003.jpg (28695 bytes)

WT1B. (far left) The Counties of Wales. Shows the borders of the old counties before the present lines were drawn. Drawings of train, castles, lady spinner, flags, and heraldic shields. Red border, beige and blue colors.Cotton. $7
WT1C. (immediate left) Welsh Language/ Harpist. Features a young lady in Welsh costume playing a harp; all around her are drawings of items labeled in Welsh. Dark green border. Cotton. $7





au223005.jpg (30745 bytes)

WT1D. (far left) Welsh Dresser. Shows a traditional dresser with the blue/white dishes neatly arranged. There are two Welsh-costumed ladies: one is just in from the market, and the other is spinning. Red border. Cotton. $7
WT1E. (left) Traditional Welsh Recipes. Glamorgan Pie, Anglesey Batter Cake, Leek and Parsley broth, Laverbread, Pickled Herrings. Dark green border with orange highlights in the design. Cotton. $7







oc308081.jpg (42656 bytes)

WT1G. (far left) Traditional Welsh Recipes. The recipes are: baked trout, currant bread, chicken and leek soup, apple cake, blackberry pudding, rabbit stew, Welsh rarebit, and Anglesey batter cake. Attractive flowers surround the recipes. $7
WT1H. Country Flowers of Wales, teatowel. $7


WT1J. Country Flowers of Wales, matching tea cosy, shown at left. Outer size: 12 1/2" wide, 10" high. Note that, because of thick padding, it will fit over a teapot with somewhat smaller measurements. 100% cotton fabric outside and lining, with polyester fill. Washable. $15




Wales Flag Tea Cosy

WT2. Wales flag tea cosy. Outer size: 12 1/2" wide, 10" high. Note that, because of thick padding, it will fit over a teapot with somewhat smaller measurements. 100% cotton fabric outside and lining, with polyester fill. Washable. We have one of these left; it is at only $10.






Welsh Flag Face Cloth

my623011.jpg (41515 bytes)WT12. In Wales, this is called a face flannel, but it is made of terry cloth. This would be a real show stopper in your bathroom. Also could be put under a pot or vase, or under your table centerpiece. 12" square. $4





Welsh Totes

The tote bags below match the two aprons above, and are made of the same sturdy plasticized fabric. We think that an apron/tote pair would make nice his'n hers gifts for a couple. (You decide who gets the apron and who gets the tote!) All tote sizes are of the tote itself, not including handles.

au23103.jpg (24796 bytes)au23104.jpg (18683 bytes)WT16(far left). Welsh language/harpist tote bag has the same design both front and back. Size of tote, not including handles, is 19" high x 14 1/4" wide. This is a flat-style tote. Plasticized fabric. $12
WT17 (immediate left). Wales symbols tote bag displays harpist, castles, male choir, spinner, train, flag etc., with the same design on the front and back. Size of tote, not including handles, is 16" high x 14" wide. This tote is especially roomy because it has a 4" gusset around the sides and bottom, making this a 3-D bag. Plasticized fabric. $12







no411341.jpg (46102 bytes)WT19. Welsh squares tote: shown below: dragon, harp, castle, daffodils, lovespoons, train, three feathers, etc. Plasticized fabric, flat style. Size 19" high x 14 1/4" wide.   $12









Head Band, and Bandanas


WT23B. Knit poly head band is 42" long and 3" wide. This  can be worn to keep your hair back, or as a sports band to keep sweat from your face. It is folded over double, and the design is the same on both sides. $6






WT23C. Small poly bandana, silky feel. Size: 18" square. $4

WT23D. Large poly bandana, silky feel. Size: about 25" square. $6








Welsh Dragon Dress

no126111.jpg (13274 bytes)no126131.jpg (12586 bytes)Sale! WT26B. Dragon sheath dress is made in Wales. It features a wraparound dragon that will stop everyone in their tracks. Left photo shows the front and right photo shows the back; how much of the dress the dragon covers will depend somewhat on size. (The dress shown is a British 14, which is more like an American 12.) Good-quality nylon fabric, with white nylon lining. There is a zipper down one side. We suggest that you give us your measurements when picking one of these. Available in British 12, 16 and 18.Was $42, now $35.
(If you are not sheath shaped - not all of us are - you could open up the sides of the skirt, and wear a white under skirt with this dress over top.)




Dress measurements:

Size    Maximum    Maximum           Length                       
                Bust              Seat         (Shoulder to hem)                

16            40"                 44"                 36 1/2"
18            42"                 46"                 36 1/2"     

We have only a few left of sizes  16 and 18.



Women's Dragon Sweatshirt


WT33. We have just a couple of these sweatshirts that we found on the shelf. British size small (this is smaller than U.S. small). 65% polyester, 65% cotton. Fleece feel inside. Made in UK. $25








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WT1A. Towns and Villages map. An attractive design with a drawing of the main feature (castle, mountain or whatever) at each locality. Beige and blue colors. Cotton. $7