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Tony Dixon one-piece polymer D flute

TDLF1. One-piece black polymer D Irish flute with tapered-bore body (shown above). Has embouchure plate, although this does not show well in the photo. 23 1/2 inches long. $45.


Tony Dixon low D polymer tunable (two-piece) whistle

TDLW2. Two-piece (tunable) low (tenor) whistle in key of D, tapered bore. Overall length is 22 3/4", head only is 6 1/8". Black polymer. $98


Tony Dixon polymer tunable (two-piece) D flute

TDF2. Two-piece black polymer Irish flute in key of D, tapered bore. Lightweight,  tunable by moving the pieces at the join, with embouchure plate (this is a piece that fits over the blowhole). Some flute players like to turn the flute head so that the blowhole is not in line with the finger holes, because they find it easier to reach the holes that way. 23 inches long. $77


Tony Dixon low D polymer whistle/flute duo

TDLWF3. Tapered-bore low D whistle/flute set. This is a combination set of the polymer flute and whistle shown above in key of D. You get three pieces: a main body piece with six holes, a flute head, and a whistle head (see below for pictures of the separate heads and bodies). The flute and whistle heads are interchangeable, which means that you get both a flute and a tenor whistle in this set. $120.


Separate pieces for the polymer whistle and flute shown above

Separate pieces: Individual pieces of the above Tony Dixon instruments can be bought separately (e.g., if you bought a whistle and want to add the flute head). All black polymer low D Tony Dixon pieces fit each other at any given time; however, over the years, Dixon has made some minor design changes, and it is possible that the current pieces may not fit or be in tune with older ones. We check with you on this if you order additional pieces for the instrument you have.

TDWH. Whistle head. $50     
TDFH. Flute head. $41


TDBD. Tapered-bore low D body. $54


Sale! Books for Irish Flute

IM61. Traditional Irish Flute Solos: The Turoe Stone Collection, Vol. 1. A collection of 68 jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slides, slip jigs, barn dances, marches and airs all composed by the renowned Galway flute player, Vincent Broderick. Photos and drawings throughout. $17. Sale: $10

New! IM62. Traditional Irish Flute Solos Vol. 2: The Turoe Stone Collection. Original compositions in the Irish tradition by Vincent Broderick. Notes by Broderick accompany many of the pieces. E.g.,"The Mad Cow Roundabout" has this note: "This is the local nickname for a major junction on the outskirts of Dublin called The Red Cow Roundabout." Includes Ward's Eviction Suite. 46 jigs, reels, barn dances, hornpipes, slow airs and a couple of others (a slide and a march). These tunes are suitable for all melody instruments. Book plus CD. $35. Sale: $21

Sale! Irish Slow Tunes for Melody Instruments

IM20. 110 Ireland's Best Slow Airs. Ireland's most beautiful and haunting melodies including laments, airs from old Gaelic songs, and O'Carolan compositions. Two or three lines of history or other information is given for each tune. These tunes are especially nice for the flute. Book only $17. Sale: $11



For cases that fit low whistles, see our page of practice chanter cases.


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