Welsh Songbooks and Harp/Piano Music


Most harp music can be played on the piano.

Sale! On a separate page: Transcriptions and Compositions by Welsh harpist John Thomas.  This includes both Welsh tunes as well as classical music arranged by Thomas. Also: some studies/etudes composed by John Thomas.


Welsh Music: Voice and Harp/Piano


Famous Songs of Wales. Welsh National Anthem, Men of Harlech, Captain Morgan's March, David of the White Rock, Hiraeth, Ar Lan y Mor, Ash Grove, more. Melody on staff, simple accompaniment, chords for guitar, English and Welsh words, both in singable for, plus English-language notes on the history of the melody and the words. 14 songs in all. Six very nice colored photos of Wales scattered throughout. Pub. Gwynn. Was $16, now $12. We have one of these left.

Dafydd y Garreg Wen (David of the White Rock). Sheet music. Three verses in Welsh only (words by Glan Padarn), piano accompaniment. $3.

Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (The Land of My Fathers). The Welsh national anthem. Three verses each in English and Welsh. Piano and harp accompaniment. Key of F. $3


Welsh Instrumental Music: Harp/Piano

Telyn y Werin. Eleven harp tunes for penillion settings. Can be played on piano. Was $7, now $5. One left.

Tant I'r Plant. This is a book of cerdd dant (penillion) for children. Contains eleven children's Welsh poems, plus a harp tune for each. No setting for voice is given; it's expected that you do it yourself. At the back of the book are some Welsh-language notes (you aren't expected to be interested in cerdd dant if you can't speak Welsh, you see) and the harp melody line introduction, showing the point at which the singer starts. Was $6, now $4.

Yr Hen Gostrel. Welsh Harp Tunes for penillion settings. Can be played on piano. $4. Sale $3

Yn y Mwd (In the Mood) by Bethan Bryn. Eleven harp pieces composed in the style of traditional Welsh harp tunes for penillion. These make good pieces for weddings or other occasions, as they are somewhat stately in character. Bethan, by the way, was harpist at Welsh Heritage Week several times, and adjudicates penillion competitions at the Welsh National Eisteddfod in Wales. Medium difficulty, for pedal harp. Pub. Curiad. Was $12, now $9. We have one of these left.

Special! Sain Y Werin (trans. Folk Music): 20 traditional Welsh folk tunes arranged for pedal harp and flute (or other C instrument). Most are duo arrangements, except for two harp solos and one flute solo. The pieces are arranged so that they can be played one at a time, or consecutively without stopping (e.g., if being played before a wedding). The book of harp music has three staffs, two for the harp plus a staff showing the C instrument line. There is a separate booklet included for the C instrument. For the price of this book and booklet, $15, we will throw in the companion cassette tape, worth $12 (perhaps you have equipment that can turn this cassette into a CD?). This tape has a complete harp and flute performance, plus separate harp and flute performances for purposes of rehearsal, or for student practice. Click beats are added to aid in coordinating some parts. Harp book, flute booklet, plus cassette Sale $15.

Three Welsh Folk Tunes: The Maid of Penderyn, The Slender Lad, The Red-Headed Cobbler. Arranged for Small Harp by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher. Fairly easy. Sale $2

Merch Megan (Megan's Daughter), arr. Dussek for harp or piano. $6. Sale $4

Why Lingers My Gaze? Variations on a Welsh Tune by Andrew Cordle. The first variation is simple, but then the variations get a little more difficult. Was $6, now $4.

Glan Meddwdod Mwyn (Good Humoured and Merry). Variations by Oliver Davies. Key of Eb. Not easy. Was $7, now $5.

Ffarwel i Langyfelach Lon (Farewell to Lovely Langyfelach). Arrangement by Ann Griffiths. For lever harp, keys of Bb and F, fairly easy. Was $6, now $4.

Yr Hen Erddygan (The Old Melody). Variants on an ancient Welsh melody, by Mansel Thomas. For pedal harp, not easy. 17 pages of music, large format. Was $10, now $7.

Hen Forgan a'i Wwraig (Old Morgan and his Wife). John Parry triple harp collection, picture of triple harp on the front. Key of G. $4. One left.

Llanover. "Composed and Arranged with Familiar Variations for the Piano Forte or Harp by John Parry." $5. Sale $4


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