Roosebeck Kinnor

This Biblical musical instrument is a modern adaptation designed according to what we know about it from ancient times. Often translated as "harp" in the Biblical manuscripts, it is mentioned throughout the Psalms.

Also known as David's harp, this is a 10-string instrument that somewhat resembles a lyre. Its design is based on what is known about the Biblical instrument. Ten strings is a very limited playing range; it should be noted that this instrument can be used mainly for plucking chords in accompaniment to a voice or other instrument. You hold the instrument with one arm and pluck with the other hand. Rosewood, nylon strings. 27" high. You can tune the strings in any key you like, although a possible ancient tuning is offered on the accompanying sheet. The stated price includes nylon zippered carrying case, shown below, and tuning key.

The maker offers two variations: 
A. The model as shown at left, and
B. A model that is the same except that the bottom part  (striped in the picture) is ash, which has a different grain and is a bit lighter. This gives this model a two-color look.

Roosebeck is the brand name of Mid-East.
This instrument is available as a drop ship item. When ordering, inquire about availability of the two color variations.

Price: $270  Weight including case and shipping box is 11 lb. Shipping will be charged extra.

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At left we show this kinnor in its carrying case.








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