Celtic Pewter Jewelry

This page shows earrings, pins and necklaces that are Celtic in design. Other pages on this site have pewter crosses, cloak pins, barrettes, bracelets (except one for ladies shown below on this page) and men's buckles are to be found on other jewelry pages on this site.

Pewter Celtic buttons, a tie bar and cufflinks are at the bottom of this page.


Pewter Interlace Celtic-Design Necklace

no412121.jpg (8499 bytes)PT1. Pewter interlace necklace gives a modern look to an ancient design, by St. Justin. The pewter piece is 7/8" across, hanging on an 18" chain. $22




Sale! Pewter Celtic Pendants on Cord

The round Celtic pendants shown below are made of pewter with some silver in the mix to give sheen and to allow finer detail in the designs than is possible with pewter only. Made in Ireland. 1 1/16" diameter, on a black cord. The regular price is $11 each, but we are selling these off as follows: one for $10, two for $9 each, three for $8 each, four or more at $7 each. From left to right:

jl204011.jpg (8869 bytes)jl204021.jpg (9697 bytes)jl204071.jpg (9623 bytes)jl204041.jpg (8577 bytes)jl204051.jpg (8640 bytes)

        PT2A. Interlace.
        PT2B. Four interlace knots.
        PT2C. Four knots.
        PT2D. Triscel in circle.
        PT2E. Two birds with Celtic interlace.



Sale! Pewter Celtic Pendants on Cord

These are nicely done variations of 3-D Celtic designs in pewter, hung on black cord. Regular $7, we are selling them off at $5 each.
The pendants (exclusive of bail) are 3/4" wide. From left to right:

PT3A. Triangle knots
PT3B. Circle knots
PT3C. Knots cross
PT3D. Triscel
PT3E. Triple knots


Pewter Celtic Kells Knots Pin

no604021.jpg (15447 bytes)PT4. Kells knots pewter pin, with intricate cutout design. 1 5/8" across. A St. Justin piece, made in Britain. $26






Pewter Celtic Knot Necklace with Real Amethyst

au22402.jpg (7013 bytes)

PT7. Celtic knot pewter necklace has real amethyst stone. Almost 1" across. 18" chain. Made by St. Justin. $24





Pewter Knot Stud Earrings

PT10. The polished pewter knot studs at left are 5/8" across. Made by St. Justin. $18 We have one pair of these left.




Pewter Celtic Twist Necklace with Real Carnelian or Malachite Gemstone

nov23013.gif (43322 bytes)Sale! PT16. Choice of two stones. The Celtic twist pewter necklace shown at left is in polished pewter with a large real gemstone at center. We have one in carnelian (reddish orange) and one malachite (this one is bright green with none of the usual black striations in it). (We do not have the amber stone shown.)
The necklace piece is 3 1/2" across; the total length, including chain, is 18" around. The stone is 3/4" high. This necklace is intended to be worn fairly high, near the neck. Please state stone desired when ordering. Made by St. Justin. These are a bargain, because the pieces with large gemstones like these have now become quite high in price. Now selling off at only $29.



Pewter Celtic Earth Knot Earrings

nov26031.jpg (6401 bytes)PT18. Earth knot pewter earrings are a Celtic knot with a slightly modern look to them. 1 3/8" long, not including the stainless steel hooks. Made by St. Justin. $25




Pewter Love Knot Necklace

dec02011.jpg (7013 bytes)PT24: Love knot pewter necklace is 2 5/8" across; chain plus necklace piece are a total of 18" around (this necklace is intended to be worn fairly high). $22




Celtic Crescent Collar and Earrings

oc906021.jpg (41683 bytes)oc906031.jpg (20548 bytes)PT25A (far left). Large Celtic crescent pewter collar has raised triscel design in center medallion, with Celtic interlace at each side. The main collar piece is 5" across, plus 14" of chain; about 19" around. This is intended to be worn fairly high at the neck. Made in Britain. $35

PT25B (above). Matching interlace pewter earrings are about 1 1/4" long, not including the surgical steel hooks. Made in Britain. $15






Pewter Celtic Braid Necklace and Earrings with Real Gemstones

PT30A. Mother-of-pearl earrings, sterling hooks. 1 1/8" long (not including hooks). Made in Wales. $12.
PT30B. Green agate necklace, 18" chain. Pendant is 1 1/8" long. Made in Wales. $10.





Celtic Double-Knot Earrings


no601041.jpg (10524 bytes)

PT31. These pewter Celtic double-knot earrings by St. Justin give a modern look to a traditional art motif.  Each earring is just over an inch long, not including the ear hooks. $20 We have two pair of these left.





Sale! Handmade Ceramic and Pewter Pins and Pendants

The four pieces below are handmade ceramic and pewter from Scotland. Please note that the beautiful colored ceramic insert is slightly different in color and design for each piece.

ma127111.jpg (14725 bytes)
PT33: Two-knots pewter pendant has a somewhat more modern look with raised Celtic knots on a smooth round circle. Pendant is 1 1/2" in diameter, hanging on a 20" sterling chain. Was $36, now $28.




PT34A (far left): This is an artist's realization of the the traditional Scottish sword-and-shield motif. Overall length is just over 3"; this could be worn as a cloak pin. Was $32, now $26.

PJT34B (immediate left): Round Celtic spirals pin is 1 5/8" in diameter. Was $26, now $21.







Pewter Celtic Knot Beads with Real Gemstones
Made in Wales

The pewter jewelry sets below have real gemstones and  silver-plated pewter beads with antique lacquer finish (will not tarnish).
The chokers are strung on black cord (this cord does not show well in the photo). Earrings have silver wires.

ap620071.jpg (23862 bytes)ap620021.jpg (11980 bytes)ap620031.jpg (12228 bytes)

PT35. The large circular beads are flat on the front and back, and the long beads are tubular. The choker beads are 4" across in all; earrings are 1 3/8" long, not including wires. Available with three choices of gemstones: amethyst (left), aventurine (pale green, above center) or blue onyx (above right).

PT35A1. Amethyst set of choker and earrings. $20.
PT35A2. Amethyst choker only. $12. We have one choker left.
PT35A3. Amethyst earrings only. $11. We have one pair of these earrings left.
PT35B1. Aventurine set of choker and earrings. $20
PT35B2. Aventurine choker only. $12. We have one choker left.
PT35B3. Aventurine earrings only. $11. We have two pair of these earrings left.
PT35C1. Blue onyx set of choker and earrings. $20
PT35C2. Blue onyx choker only. $12
PT35C3. Blue onyx earrings only. $11


ap620011.jpg (22739 bytes)ap620041.jpg (12791 bytes)ap620061.jpg (12145 bytes)





PT36. These beads are all round, not flat. The choker beads are about 3 1/2" across, and the earrings are 1 1/8" long, not including the ear wires. Available with three choices of gemstones: aventurine (pale green, left), blue onyx (above center) or amethyst (above right).



PT36B1. Aventurine set of choker and earrings. $20
PT36B2. Aventurine choker only. $12
PT36B3. Aventurine earrings only. $11
PT36C1. Blue onyx set of choker and earrings. $20
PT36C2. Blue onyx choker only. $12
PT36C3. Blue onyx earrings only. $11
PT36A1. Amethyst set of choker and earrings. $20.
PT36A2. Amethyst choker only. $12.
PT36A3. Amethyst earrings only. $11.

Other pewter jewelry pieces: we have moved some pewter dragon pins onto our page of Welsh jewelry. These were formerly on this page.


Pewter Celtic Buttons

ap619041.jpg (20472 bytes)

ap619021.jpg (22422 bytes)

ap619031.jpg (25185 bytes)

The antiqued pewter Celtic buttons at left come in three sizes, on cards of six. I took the plastic buttons off one of my Celtic dresses and put these on, and it really made a difference. Made in Wales.

PT37A. Size small, 3/8" across. Card of six $7.
PT37B. Size medium, 5/8" across. Card of six $8
PT37C. Size large, 3/4" across. Card of six $10









Celtic Knot Cuff Links

PT39. Celtic knot cufflinks. Pewter, by St. Justin of Cornwall. These match the CG3A tie bar above. Knot is 3/4" across.  $30




Celtic Knot Tie Bar

jl204121.jpg (4929 bytes)PT40. Celtic knot tie bar. Pewter, by St. Justin of Cornwall. Knot is 3/4" across on 2" bar. $22 We have one of these left.




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