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The pieces shown below represent symbols of the Welsh: the Welsh flower, the daffodil; the dragon ( flown on the Welsh flag), and the lovespoon. Celtic crosses are as Welsh as they are Irish and Scottish; there are large standing stone crosses in Wales as in the rest of the Celtic isles. Also, the harp is a symbol of Wales, as the harp is the Welsh national musical instrument. The leek (worn by Welsh supporters at soccer games, and also on St. David's Day) is also a Welsh symbol, but is less popular as jewelry.

Celtic cross jewelry and harp jewelry are on separate pages.

Welsh lapel pins are here.

Please check the size of each piece carefully against a ruler before ordering. We give measurements of all jewelry pieces on this site so that you will know their size in advance; this will save disappointment, returning pieces, etc.



Welsh Lovespoon Jewelry

In the old days in Wales, a young man would carve a fancy spoon to give to the girl that he wanted to court. (The expression "to spoon" comes from this custom.) It was important to prove to the potential father-in-law that the young man was good at working with wood, because he would have to make all his family's furniture, dishes and eating utensils. The symbols carved into the spoon's handle all had meanings; hearts are for love, of course. Bells are for the hoped-for wedding. A wheel promised, "I will work for you." Balls in a cage could mean either the number of children hoped for, or (if married) the number of years together. And so forth; there is a long list of possible symbols. Today the lovespoon usually takes a simpler form in jewelry, but there is a long romantic tradition behind it.


Gold Lovespoon Pendant and Earrings by Rhiannon Evans

Rhiannon Evans is one of the best-known jewellers of Wales; she has won many awards for her work.


WJ72A. Gold lovespoon pendant by Rhiannon Evans of Wales. 3/4" high, not including hanging ring. Nine-carat gold, hangs on nine-carat 20" gold chain. $125.
WJ72B. Pendant only w/o chain. $70
WJ72C. Earrings on nine-carat gold hooks. $150

We have only two of these pieces. They can be either sold separately as a pendant with or without chain, or together as earrings. 



WJ73A. Gold lovespoon pendant by Rhiannon Evans of Wales. 3/4" high, not including hanging ring.  Nine-carat gold, hangs on nine-carat 20" gold chain. $150
WJ73B. Lovespoon pendant only w/o chain. Nine-carat gold. $95




Costume Lovespoon Jewelry

WJ60A (left): Lovespoon pendant with heart-shaped crystal in handle, on 18" chain. Made in Wales. The spoon is 1 1/4" long. Gilt color only  $15.

WJ60B (left): Lovespoon earrings to match have the same heart-shaped crystal in handle. Studs. Made in Wales. Spoons are 1 1//4" long, same size as pendant aboveGilt color only. $19.

WJ60C (left). Lovespoon pin to match the pendant and earrings above. The pin is larger, 2" long overall. Please specify gilt or silver color. $15 We have only one of these pins left in silver color.






WJ61A: Lovespoon pin (far left): 2 1/4" long. Please state choice of gilt or silvertone color. $14

WJ61B: Matching lovespoon earrings: 1 1/3" long, not including the hooks. Please state choice of gilt or silvertone color. $13

WJ61C: Matching lovespoon pendant (immediate left). Pendant is same size as earrings (1 1/3" long) on 18"chain. Please state choice of gilt or silvertone color. $11





The sparkling crystal lovespoon pin, earrings and pendant below are great for evening wear. We show them in gold with crystals, but also have them in silver with crystals.

WJ62A: All-crystal pin. There is a large crystal in the bowl of the spoon as well as at the top, plus small crystals set in the handle. 2 1/4" long. Please specify gilt or silver color. $23

WJ62B: All-crystal hook earrings match the pin above. 1 1/8" long (not including hooks). Please specify gilt or silver color. $23

WJ62C. Matching crystal pendant (1 1/8" long, same size as earrings) hangs on 18" chain. Please specify gilt or silver color. $15






Celtic Hearts Necklace and Earrings in Antiqued Silver or Antiqued Gold Color

no91606.jpg (12847 bytes)no91607.jpg (12397 bytes)The romantic heart necklace and earrings at left are made of pewter; they are available either with a gold-colored finish (as shown at left) or as natural pewter color (shown below). The background to the design is antiqued in both cases.
WJ87A. Necklace. Heart is 2" across on 22" chain. Please state color choice. $27
WJ87B. Earrings. Hearts are almost 1" long overall, excluding hooks. Please state color choice. $23



Antiqued pewter  necklace and earrings.





Welsh Dragon Jewelry

Costume and Pewter Dragons

no201071.jpg (10144 bytes)WJ8. This two-dragon pin is a long-time popular design.  Amethyst/antiqued silver, faux stones, 1 1/2" across. For collectors: this is a Miracle brand piece. $19




Oval Dragon Pin


WJ9. Silver-colored oval dragon pin is covered in small crystals. The pin is domed, i.e., not flat. 2 1/4" across. $24





Sterling Welsh Dragon Pin

my110041.jpg (14682 bytes)

WJ21. The solid sterling traditional Welsh dragon pin shown at left is very nicely detailed. 1 1/4" across.   $33



Pewter Welsh Dragon Pin

WJ22. This very nice Welsh dragon by the St. Justin pewter company is a good buy at only $25. Size: about 1 1/2" across.




Welsh Dragon Tie Bar

fe416031.jpg (9236 bytes)

WJ20. Silver-colored tie bar with small sterling dragon. $10
We have one short tie bar left from these, 1 3/4" long.


Daffodil Jewelry

Costume Daffodils in Silver Color

oc91205.jpg (11798 bytes)Drop stud earrings or necklace. The raised-design daffodil is a separate piece attached on top of the teardrop setting. Size: 1" long, including the ring at the top of the teardrop.
WJ40A. Earrings as shown, in silver color. $21.
WJ40B. Matching silver-colored necklace on 18" chain (pendant is same size as earrings) $12
Note: We formerly had these in the gold color, but those are no longer available.



Gilt Daffodil Necklace

ap622081.jpg (9422 bytes)WJ41: Gilt daffodil on 18" gold-colored chain has crystals set in a circle around the flower. The daffodil is about 5/8" across, and is shown oversize to show detail. $15  We have one of these left.




Gold Daffodil Earrings
Made in Wales

WJ52. Daffodil nine-carat gold dangling earrings with gold bail, posts and backs (the backs are not shown). $65. The daffodil is 5/16" across. We have one pair left.




Welsh Flag and Dragon Cufflinks


WJ83. Flag cufflinks have plastic rectangles set in silvertone mounts. The flags are 3/4" across. Presented in a black velveteen box. $10




WJ84. Dragon cufflinks have silvertone mounts. Dragons are 3/4" across. Presented in a black velveteen box. $10




Dragon Buckle


no315011.jpg (21615 bytes)no315031.jpg (15502 bytes)WJ85. Large pewter dragon buckle. This dramatic heavy-weight buckle displays a nice raised dragon with a bold Celtic interlace around it. The buckle is not flat, but is domed, with antiquing in the design. Size: 3 1/4" x 2 1/8", takes a belt up to 1 5/8" wide.  Comes in velveteen bag. Was $37, sale $30.
Standard snap-on belts work with this buckle. These are available from belt sellers; we regret that we do not sell belts.



Other Welsh Jewelry On This Web Site

See also the St. David 's Bishop cross on the Celtic crosses page; this is a costume jewelry cross  that was taken from a tomb at St. David's in Wales.

We show a beautiful simple Celtic cross on the  pages in both sterling and nine-carat gold, made by Rhiannon; she calls this cross the Welsh Cross. We also show the St. David's cross in bronze, sterling and gold on the Celtic Crosses pages.

Other Rhiannon pieces: the curlews and herons pendants, and Trinity knot pendant and earrings, are on the page of sterling Celtic jewelry.


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