Welsh Caps and Ties

The dragon is a traditional Welsh motif that appears on many Welsh items. Also traditional is wool (there are more sheep than people in Wales.)

Note: We have some dragon tie bars on our page of Welsh jewelry.


Wales Baseball Cap

oct16051.jpg (21246 bytes)Sale! CT1. The Wales baseball cap at left is made of chino cotton with the "Wales" embroidered in green and outlined in gold embroidery. On the left side of the picture you can see part of the smaller word "Cymru," which is also embroidered in green and outlined in gold embroidery. On the right side is a nice embroidered dragon 2 1/2 inches from nose to tail. Adjustable. Was $15, selling off at $12.






Dragons Baseball Cap

jl204091.jpg (31307 bytes) CT3. Dragons baseball cap has Welsh flags all over it. Cotton, adult size, with fabric-covered elastic piece across back opening for fit adjustment. $6








Wales/Cymru Dragon Baseball Cap

ap626041.jpg (13684 bytes)CT4. Red baseball cap with stiff black brim. A red dragon is embroidered on the brim, and "Wales Cymru" is embroidered in large white letters on the front of the cap. Smaller green embroidered lettering on both sides spells "Wales - Cymru." Good-quality fabric. Adjustable. $13






Tweed Wool Boys' Welsh Costume Cap

CT7. This British-style tweed cap in wool blend has a snap brim, quilted lining. (They do not have elastic for adjustability.) Two British sizes: 55 cm and 56 cm. These are men's smallish medium sizes: 55 cm is American 6 7/8; 56 cm is American size 7. Sorry, these are our only sizes. We ordered them especially for boys' Welsh costume outfits. Price: $12




Welsh Dragon Beanie Knit Cap

CT8. This black acrylic knit cap is called a beanie by our supplier. The red dragon and the "Cymru" ("Wales") are embroidered. Double knit layers, fine knit, nice feel, quite stretchy. One size. $10







Dragon and Other Welsh Ties and Dragon Bow Tie


CT15 (far left). They can see you coming when you wear this bold dragon tie in the flag colors! 3 3/4" wide. $17

CT16 (immediate left). Dragon bow tie in the flag colors. Pretied, adjustable red neck strap. Bow is 4 1/2" across. $17





Welsh Harp Tie

mr222011.gif (16055 bytes)CT17. Lined polyester collectors' tie, made in Wales, was produced to celebrate a festival there years ago (yes, it says 1990 in tiny numbers between the harps). Design is woven into the tie. Was $15, now $10.








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CT2. Black baseball cap has red suede visor and embroidered red dragon. Adjustable. $8.

Not available

This tie currently not available.



This is what the dragon on these ties looks like (the tie fabric is actually smooth, but this closeup shows the weaving).


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