Welsh Costume Items

Traditional Welsh dress was worn in Wales from about 1700 to 1900. It varied somewhat in style over that period, and also varied in different parts of Wales. For example, today's perception that a Welsh costume has to be black, red and white is not actually very accurate from a historical point of view. For more about this subject, see the book on Welsh costume offered below. To see how Welsh costume today is often portrayed, you may want to look at how the Welsh dolls are dressed.

The items below are for Welsh girls and women. For boys, we offer a tweed cap on the caps/ties page, and a bandanna on the Welsh fabrics page.


Standard Cone-Shaped Welsh Hat

This is the standard black Welsh costume hat that makes the Welsh costume so distinctive. Ours are made of felt, with  white 2" lace sewn all around inside the brim, and a white ribbon to tie under your chin.

no218041.jpg (15836 bytes)
   WC1 size large: 23 1/2" around inside at the widest part of the cone-shaped crown where it meets the brim. Standard quality. $10. 

We no longer have the small and medium sizes.





Welsh Cockle Bonnet

no218031.jpg (13671 bytes) Cockle bonnet: This is the black bonnet worn by the cockle women in the Gower Peninsula of Wales. We have two sizes:
WC2A. Size small. For children. $10.
WC2B. Medium size. For children, or women with small heads. $10

We no longer have size large.





Welsh Costume Mob (Under) Cap

my523011.jpg (14631 bytes)WC3. White mob cap to wear under Welsh hat. This is a round lace-edged cap, with stretchy elastic all around. One size. $5 We have two of these left.







Welsh Costume Paisley Shawl

my504021.jpg (66241 bytes)WC5A. Paisley shawl. (Paisley was a popular pattern for shawls in old times in Wales.) Red knit rayon fabric with blue/brown paisley pattern, 1 1/4" wide white cotton fringe on all sides. Size: 27" square plus fringe. $13








Welsh Costume Checked Shawl

WC5B. This red-and-black traditional checked shawl is made of 100% cotton with nylon fringe (the fringe is either pure white or off white). Size: 26" square plus fringe. $13








White Costume Apron

my523031.jpg (24423 bytes)

WC6. White cotton apron with 2" wide lace around, cotton ties. Size small. Length: 12 1/2" long overall, including lace and waistband. $6






Welsh Costume Checked Apron

ap618181.jpg (19991 bytes)WC7. Black/white cotton check apron has white 2-inch wide lace all around, as above. Black ribbon ties. The checked fabric has been woven to look like Welsh traditional wool; the check is a small design. Size small 12" long overall, including the waistband and lace. $7






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