Welsh Gifts, Crafts, and Miscellaneous Items

A selection of unique Welsh items


Dragon Paperweight


WG1. This glass paperweight has a Welsh flag inside on the base; the curved glass top gives the dragon a somewhat 3-D effect. The glass is about 1" high at the  top  of its curve. This item is heavy and gives a feeling of quality. It has black suede material on the bottom. Presented in a nice black gift box as shown. 2 1/4" diameter. $10









Mini Coffee Set and Mini Teapot


WG3A. The mini coffee set at far left includes: coffee pot with lid, creamer, lidded sugar, two cups with saucers, plus the round tray shown at immediate left. All pieces have the same daffodils motif, with "Cymru" and "Wales." The tray is 5 1/2" in diameter; the coffee pot is 3 3/4" high. The pieces are all packed in black satin in a nice red box. $29

WG3B. Matching mini teapot is 3 1/4" across, and comes in its own black-satin-lined red box. $8






Dragon Placemat and Coaster Set

WG4. This is a set of four placemats and 8 matching coasters. The placemats are 11 1/2 x 8 3/4"; the coasters are 4 1/4" square. Smooth finish. Set $13







Welsh Dragon Shorts

no126091.jpg (17732 bytes)no126101.jpg (16852 bytes)Sale! WG6. Dragon shorts made in Wales in the Welsh flag colors. We show front and back views; as you see, they look about the same coming or going. High-quality nylon, with white nylon lining. We guarantee that if you go running in these at night, no car will run you down! Note that how much of the shorts the dragon covers may depend a bit on the size; the ones shown are a 36. Elasticized waist; some have drawstring and some do not. We suggest that you tell us your waist size (men) or seat size(ladies). Available in waist sizes 36" to 42". Were $34, now $25.




Welsh Harp Mug

no512171.jpg (14993 bytes)WG7. This mug was produced as a special item for a harp school in Wales. "Telynau Morgannwg" is the name of the school; there is an outline of a pedal harp on the other side. The color is actually cobalt blue, although the camera makes it look purple. On the bottom it reads: The Welsh Beaker Company. Made in Wales." We also have one black mug like this. $12







Handcarved Wooden Plaque of Welsh and Celtic Mythology

WG8. King Arthur. The mortally wounded Arthur is taken by the ladies to the Isle of Avalon to be cured of his wounds and await his country's call. About  5 3/4" high x 2 3/4" wide. Some are dark wood and some are lighter.$20






Welsh-Language Eisteddfod Board Game

WG9. This is a Welsh-language board game based on the National Eisteddfod of Wales. The instructions are all in Welsh -- we don't yet have an English translation, unfortunately. Recommended for advanced Welsh learners and Welsh speakers. $24







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